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Welcome to Dai Cha Fan

"Dai Cha Fan" is a Chinese phrase that means "tea and meal." The Dai Cha Fan Member Club is a membership-based club that offers a unique dining and networking experience cantered around Chinese tea culture.  

As a member of the Dai Cha Fan Club, individuals gain access to exclusive benefits and services. Members can enjoy a variety of tea and meal pairings, carefully curated by expert chefs and tea masters, using the highest quality ingredients and teas. Members can also attend tea ceremonies and workshops to learn more about Chinese tea culture and its history.

In addition to the membership experience, the Dai Cha Fan Club offers networking opportunities, cultural events, and other social activities for members to connect with like-minded individuals. Members also receive free on food and beverages, priority booking for private events, and other perks.

To become a member, individuals typically need to apply and be approved by the club. Membership fees can vary depending on the level of membership and benefits included. Overall, the Dai Cha Fan Member Club offers a unique and immersive dining and networking experience that combines Chinese tea culture with high-quality cuisine and social networking opportunities.

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Savor the moment with delicious dim sum, tea, and snacks that will tantalize your taste buds.

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品茶闲聊, 舒适宁静

Indulge in delicious cuisine, connect with professionals, and unwind in our welcoming atmosphere. Visit us for a memorable experience.

Reserve your table today. Indulge.

Don't miss out on a delectable dining experience. Reserve your table today and savor every moment with us.

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What Our Diners Say About Us

“Great environment with quality teas and food! (Feeling like a VVIP)”

Cindy H

“Food is great. Cozy and comfort environment. Nice place for gathering or business discussion”

BB Ling

“Nice  and quite place, premium tea for whole day, suitable for business talk or private gathering.”

jo lee

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